Kemeling Kunststoffen

Made to Fit

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Made to Fit.
Kemeling Kunststoffen is specialized in solutions regarding the collection and storage of liquid and solid substances and materials. We operate in several markets and for more than 38 years our primary goal has been the development and production of standard and custom plastic products. Certification in compliance with ISO 9001, DVS-welding and KIWA, guarantee quality. Our solutions are recognizable by their long service lives. We have reached this position by continuously optimizing our products and services and listening to the needs of our customers. The horticulture sector has been the main working area for us, however we serve the following markets:

The Facts:
-    Family business established in 1976
-    2 locations situated on "industriestraat" in Naaldwijk
-    1700 m2 production space
-    175 m2 office space
-    20 experienced employees (DVS 2212-1 and VCA certified)
-    High-tech machinery
-    Global sales in 9 sectors
-    ISO 9001 certified
-    BRL-K21009 certified


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Tel: +31 (0174) 621 237